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Build happy remote teams

Face-to-face events are still far away but you still need teams working together. Our games help building them.
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How people & HR leaders use Flinkit?

Affordable and easy-to-use online (indoor and outdoor) team building

There is no need for long negotiations and planning, or even haggling with event organizers. Players use their own devices without downloading anything and there is no host required. Different teams can even play different times!


Facilitating conversations, sharing, and team bonding is difficult nowadays - but Flinkit was designed to do just that. You can build an outstanding team culture with fully remote teams all around the world by just playing our games.


It's extremely difficult to deliver a fun experience that help forge work relationships and build team cohesion. Our games are not just fun to play but they require to work towards a common goal with all of their team members.

Build teams with games

Hosting a company event has never been more easier
Choose a date

Pick a date, book the game and follow the instructions received in email to set up the team roster.

Start a conference call

Start a seperate conference call in each team on your favourite platform. Flinkit works with all of them seamlessly. (Zoom, Teams, Webex, - you name it)


Game activation codes will be sent in email to all players, - the adventure starts instantly and takes max. 2 hours.

With Flinkit, you can host a company team building event that is accessible to everyone within the company for a fraction of the cost of traditional face to face activities.

Our team consists of professionals in HR, organizational development, and technology, we build the Flinkit platform with you in mind. We can also create experiences that is tailored to your company and can assist in trainings, onboarding, and more!

Flinkit! - Web-hosted team building games for small and large companies | Product Hunt Flinkit Friends - Story-driven outdoor adventure games for teams, and friends | Product Hunt

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